The world’s first look at Apple’s final iPhone 8 design in real life



The Worlds First Look At Apples Final IPhone 8

Apple’s upcoming new iPhone 8 is the most hotly anticipated smartphone since 2014, when news first began to leak that the company would finally release larger iPhones. The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus featured the bigger displays users had been clamoring for, and they also sported a sleek new design that Apple fans loved. But now, three years later, Apple’s flagship iPhones still feature a design that is practically identical to the company’s 2014 models. The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus pack plenty of power and new features, but smartphone fans have clearly grown tired of Apple’s 2014 iPhone design, and sales are slumping as a result.

iPhone 8
iPhone 8

The world is long overdue for a fresh new iPhone design, and Apple fans will finally get what they want in 2017 when Apple unveils its completely redesigned iPhone 8. Now, for the first time ever, consumers will get their first look at Apple’s reimagined iPhone 8 design in real life.

his coming September, Apple is expected to unveil three new iPhone models. The iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus are believed to be modest updates to the current iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. For the first time, however, Apple is expected to make a significant change to an “S” update’s hardware by making the back of the phones glass instead of aluminum. Both new models are expected to support wireless charging, and present technology is unable to pass current as efficiently through metal as it does through glass.

Apple’s new iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus will surely be impressive smartphones, but the device everyone is waiting for is the iPhone 8. According to multiple independent reports, the iPhone 8 will feature a bold new design that sandwiches a stainless steel frame between two 2.5D glass panels. The result will supposedly appear seamless, bringing Apple closer than ever to realizing Jony Ive’s dream of an iPhone made of one continuous sheet of glass.

The face of the iPhone 8 is expected to feature a new OLED display with a screen-to-body ratio even more impressive than the 83% ratio managed by Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+. This will reportedly be achieved in part by shifting around the device’s internal components, but also by completely removing the iPhone’s physical home button.

Here is where reports begin to diverge. We know that Apple has been working for years on technology that will allow it to embed a TouchID fingerprint scanner directly into an iPhone’s display, and several reports have said the iPhone 8 will be the first iPhone to feature an embedded fingerprint sensor. But conflicting reports suggest that the required tech isn’t yet mature enough to mass-produce at the scale Apple would require for the iPhone 8, so the company may be forced to move the scanner to the back of the handset, as was the case for Samsung and its Galaxy S8.

Everyone hates the iPhone 8 design that has floated around with a fingerprint scanner on the back of the phone, so we can only hope that Apple and its manufacturing partners found a way to make the embedded scanner work. The bad news is we cannot confirm one way or the other at this time. But the good news is Apple’s iPhone 8 design has seemingly been finalized, and we’re giving the world an exclusive first look at the hotly anticipated tenth-anniversary iPhone.

BGR has exclusively obtained photos of an iPhone 8 mockup that is believed to feature Apple’s final design. As has been the case in years past, this mockup is thought to have been built using actual finalized schematics that were leaked from the factories that will build Apple’s next-generation iPhones.

iPhone 8
iPhone 8

The mock-up doesn’t feature any indication of a fingerprint scanner on the back of the phone, however not all markings are present on the dummy, so it’s not clear if this is an indication that the phone’s TouchID sensor will be embedded in the display.

iPhone 8
iPhone 8

These photos show an iPhone 8 design that is largely in line with recent rumors. The phone features 2.5D glass panels on the front and back that curve slightly at their edges. Sandwiched between them is a polished stainless steel midframe that is rounded as well, perfectly continuing the slope of the 2.5D glass. The result is a smooth design that will likely feel seamless in the hand.

iPhone 8
iPhone 8

On the back of the iPhone 8 mock-up, we can see an oversized “camera bump” positioned vertically rather than horizontally, as is the case on the iPhone 7 Plus. This area of the phone’s back is thought to house a new dual-lens camera system, as well as an LED flash and a microphone. Apple’s next-generation camera on the iPhone 8 is expected to feature the same optical zoom capability as the iPhone 7 Plus’ camera, but it may also enable exciting new augmented reality features that Apple will announce this coming September.

iPhone 8
iPhone 8

And just in case you’re wondering, no, the iPhone 8 will not have a 3.5mm headphone jack.

We have about four months to go before Apple finally takes the wraps off its tenth-anniversary iPhone, and there are still plenty of new details left to leak between now and then. In fact, we still don’t even know what the new handset will be called. While most people currently refer to the phone as the “iPhone 8,” that name has not been confirmed. Other possibilities that have been tossed around include “iPhone X” and “iPhone Edition,” which would align with the high-end Apple Watch Edition.

iPhone 8
iPhone 8

There is indeed much we still do not know, but the iPhone 8’s design now appears to be finalized. While BGR’s exclusive photos give the world its first look at this sleek new design, we can expect to see more iPhone 8 mockups begin to surface as third-party case makers like Ghostek and Spigen get a jump on building cases for Apple’s new iPhone so they’re ready at launch. As regular readers will recall, Ghostek was the first case maker to reveal Samsung’s Galaxy S8 design when renders of its upcoming cases were leaked earlier this year.

Apple’s iPhone 8 is expected to be unveiled this coming September, though its release may be pushed back to October or November if recent rumors of manufacturing difficulties end up being accurate.

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Choosing The Right Telephone Business System

business telephone systemThe right telephone business system depends on the volume of calls one receives daily and the number of employees one has. Here are some of the business telephone systems that will suit you best.
PBX: This is regarded by most as the best suited for a modern office; the private branch exchange connects employees with an office allowing for calling direct desk extensions. A PBX system allows for a number of different outside phone lines which are shared by employees. There are other available applications such as PC and voicemail applications.
VoLP: These means using existing data lines for telephone calls and can also be referred as IP telephony. This concept is rapidly growing in workplaces and this is achieved by employees plugging handsets into a data point that can and is used instantly by the existing network. These phones use what is termed as “Voice over Internet Protocol” which delivers a clean and clear phone signal.
Key Systems Unit: This is an old system and uses key systems unit are desktop phones which are controlled by a row of buttons. A phone line is selected by employees by pressing a button thereby placing a caller on hold and allows them to take another call by pressing another button. Modern versions of KSU are also called “hybrids” in some trade publications thereby joining together some of the best old features of the old push button phones and the ever versatile PBX systems.
A good telephone system must be some essential features so that it adds value to your business.
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Features of a Good Business Telephone System

 The most imperative feature that a business telephone system must have is auto attendants. These systems allow the system to work as attendants or receptionist for the callers. They do this by taking calls automatically and then directing the callers to enter the right number to reach their desired destinations.
Another important feature Telephone System Engineer offer is the conference call features. This allows for more than two conferences to be carried out at the same time.
Another important feature that a business telephone system must have is automated directories integrated into them. This allows the caller to see the extension of the employee. The call forwarding and call holding feature are of importance when attendants are busy or dealing with other people on calls.
Music on hold is another feature that is also present in features. The music plays automatically when a caller is placed on hold when the attendant is busy attending other calls. Power back option is another important feature and provides energy to the system when there is a power outage.
It’s important to add that advanced features on the telephone systems will make you cough a little more money but these features are worth every feature. If you are planning to buy one, make sure that all the features have been installed.

Advantages of Business Telephone Systems

One should think of the phone system as an investment. The hardware itself can last up to several years and the software can be structured to grow and upgraded with your company’s growth depending on which system you have purchased.
The phone operating systems have a huge impact on your business since having a good system will improve the interaction between your employees and the customers a great deal.
Shopping for these telephone systems for your business may not be complicated the way people think. The internet will help clients in the UK to find the best telephone services for your use.
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Are Business Telephone Systems Different from Normal Phones?

Advancements in telecommunication have allowed business owners to take advantage of expanding their reach on a local and global scale. Business owners are now finding it easier to get in touch with their customers or for their customers to get in touch with them via a PBX or a business telephone system. A normal phone on a business setting would have features like call waiting, caller ID, and call return just to name a few, but they can hardly do anything for the company. the fact that the normal phones run over copper wires is enough to make business owners quake at the sight of poor voice quality.
A business telephone system is made for businesses due to its features. Features that are available with these systems can include:  call conferencing, fax to email,  voicemail, automatic call distribution, email to fax,  create call queues, call forwarding, interoffice paging, custom-menus, auto attendant, music on hold, and much more. This allows better and efficient communications from different personnel in different departments or giving your customers more opportunities to get in touch with you. a normal telephone system can only go so far as add to your telephone bills without offering too many benefits.
Efficiency is also the key factor as to why business telephone systems or PBX are better than a normal phone because of the way they are networked. You can call another department within your office without having to get a separate subscription for them. Every system runs on one subscription and the infrastructure will allow you to distribute extensions to which you can get in touch with another party. Customers that dial your number that want to get in touch with a specific department can dial that department’s extension. International customers can also get in touch with you via your VOIP number, something that can be added to your system.

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